How to Get Your Man to Treat You like a Goddess

Does He Treat You like a Goddess?
There are different ways you can get your man to treat you like a goddess and have a happy relationship.

1. Provoke His Provide and Protect Mode
Men have a have a fundamental instinct to provide and protect. When you present a man with the opportunity to do these two things for you, it makes him feel great as a man, in turn, makes him feel good about you. You can tell your man that you need his help on something.

When you ask for a favor from your man, you create an emotional bond with him, even if the request is as simple as asking him to hold your coat so that you can use the restroom. This technique was rooted in science. In 1996 a study by Jecker and Landy coined it the Benjamin Franklin Effect. It’s extremely efficient when you use it.

Making him feel like a man is the great ice breaker when you meet him for the first time, it also works wonders once you are in a relationship. You can tell your man that when you are with him, you always feel safe, this will trigger his provide and protect mode in a big way and will flood him with euphoric feelings that he attributes to you because you are the one who triggered it in him.

2. Give Him Rejection Protection
All men have delicate egos; they are afraid of rejection. Women tend to think that men who don’t approach them for instance in a bar or doesn’t pursue to date are not interested them. But the truth is that there’s a great chance that he’s afraid of talking to you or even ask for your phone number because he is afraid of rejection.

Showing a man that you are interested in him just a little bit so that he doesn’t have to be scared of rejection is incredibly attractive and hot, it gives him the green light to pursue you and sets his mind on the chasing which he is biologically programmed to do.

The perfect balance needs to be stricken between showing the man the right signs and still making him feel he’s doing the chasing so that you are not doing all the work for him.

3. Challenge Him to a Chase
Men live for the maybe, don’t give them a no by playing hard to get and you don’t want to give him a yes because he will feel like he has already won you and doesn’t need to work for you. This is a huge turn-off to men biologically. It usually results in the man disappearing after the first meeting or a first few of dates.

If you are proactive enough to make him want to chase you out, you remain challenging enough that he needs to keep working for you, this triggers an intense desire to invest more, but you remain challenging enough to make him feel like he needs to keep on working for you. This triggers an intense desire to invest more and more until he’s so connected to you that he won’t want to go anywhere.

4. Speak His Language
Men and women communicate very differently. If you have been failing with men, chances are you are talking with your man in a female language and expecting him to understand. Learn how to speak your man’s language, and he will hear you.

All men have a natural drive to problem-solve and using words he’s responsive to triggers that drive. He will willingly step up and meet your needs. When you know how to speak your man’s language, you can get him to do anything you want, including him changing behaviors you don’t like such as not spending enough time with you and making you jealous.

5. Do Something Special
When you do a special thing for your man, the chances are that he will return the favor. You can take him out to a place he likes, for instance, take him out for a drink, or just organize a romantic night for you and him.

6. Talk to your man
Always talk to your man about how he is treating you. If you feel like he does not appreciate you the way you deserve or he’s not respecting you, tell him about it. When your man knows how you feel he will get motivated, he will start to treat you like a Goddess.

If you practice these six methods, you will get your man always beside you.